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What is your current dating situation? (e.g. I am single)
Unmarried with no kids
What would be your most ideal date? (e.g. Dinner at a fancy restaurant, slow dancing and a moonlit walk on the beach)
All that matters is that we find one another and click, and flourish a good friendship from the start.
How planned do you prefer a date to be?
There should be plans but if they change at the last minute I wont panic.
What are some activities that you would enjoy on a date? (Going to a movie)
anything but going to the movies.....lol...how can you get to know a person if you are watching a movie....I always thought that to be kind of contradictory.....lol
Tell us about your views on dating etiquette. Door opening? Who pays?
Respect is not shown by opening doors or trying to be the gentleman on the contrary, respect is shown on an intellectual and emotional level.
Tell us what you expect to happen on a first date.
Anything can happen on a first date, it all depends on both parties, we are not everyone's cup of tea.

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