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What best describes the pace of your life?
How much time does your job take up in your life?
I work full-time
Tell us what you like/do not like about what you do for a living.
I have been a manager of an interior textile decoration firm in Madrid for the past 20 years, if I did not love my job I wouldn't have stayed so long....lol.
Tell us how you feel about your fame and fortune. Too much? Too little? Just right?
I have no desires for fame and/or fortune, I was fortunate enough to have already enjoyed many pleasures of life. Now in search for my ONE AND ONLY.
What best describes your dining habits?
Cook? I can make toast
How often are you online?
I check in once a day
How big is your family?
I have got one of each.
What type of family do you come from?
We are average.
What was your life like growing up? Education? Family? Struggles? Accomplishments?
WOOOW.....my life has been very hectic, educated in catholic schools in Spain and Ireland, atended two years at the Faculty of Psichology in Madrid at the same time I was trying to master the English Language to be a translator and Interpreteur. I have worked in Middle East and Africa as an interpreteur from 81 to 83, back in Spain, worked as an executive secretary for International Trading Co. And recruited in 85 on a Manager post for a decoration Firm in Madrid of which I am presently a General Manager.
What kind of place do you live in?
What is your main mode of transportation?
Economy car
How big of role does religion play in your life?
I have never been religious.
Do you have any pets?
a black coocker spaniel.....she is so docil..
When it comes to career, family and life in general, how do you feel?

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